Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Hallelujah! I'm a Bum!

I would like to thank Travis Sago for all his help. His “Bum Marketing” idea and method is exactly what I was looking for when I set out to find a way to build an online business on a used shoestring.

    Bum Marketing is so named because it’s easy enough that a bum off the street could go to a public library with Internet access, implement a few simple, free ideas and start receiving affiliate income. The methods are rather clever and can be generalized to just about any type of marketing that draws people to a Web page or blog.
    I'm using blogs as "mini-site" landing pages for my affiliate products. Each niche has articles pointing to that landing page, published at EzineArticles (like you couldn't have guessed that). The niches are diverse, including Facts and Tips for Losing Body Fat, Poker Strategy, Tells and Tips, Agoraphobia, Anxiety and Panic and A Review of Winning Lottery Systems, to name a few.

    For free info, go here: http://www.bummarketingmethod.com/