Monday, July 14, 2008

Are We Excited Yet?

Any time you push yourself out of the "Comfort Zone" into the "Learning Zone," you get at least a little excited. Once that new location becomes a bit familiar, however, the excitement can fade. Only the work remains, for the moment. Ahead lies the reward, tantalizingly out of reach.
    In a way, it's like ripening fruit, which is a bit bitter to eat right now, but will be sweet and juicy in time. Life is like that. The things which are sweet at first often become sour after a while, like cotton candy in the mouth. The things which are sour at first become not only sweet, but nutritious. It's a maturing process.
    Hammering out the kinks for the Scranton Front Door Pages is just such a chore. Each of the "placeholder" listings is bouncing around in the search engines like a superball thrown by an overeager 6-year-old. They are literally changing from moment to moment, which makes promoting them something for the near future, but not right now. The only stable references to the listings themselves are through blog posts from "seasoned" blogs like this one and the Wordpress blog that I left laying fallow for many months (but is now revivified and flourishing).
    The willingness to see past the present and envision the future is one of the measures of maturity. Positive consequences are an example of that kind of maturity. Indeed, those who are up to their rump in alligators (who set out to drain the swamp) have a pasture to look forward to. It's fending off the alligators that can diminish enthusiasm for the moment.
    Nevertheless, having the sure and certain knowledge that Bessie the cow will be thanking you (in her cow-like way) for the sweet grass your nascent pasture will provide is just one of the perks you can enjoy. Think of all those alligator steaks you can put in the freezer!