Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happier New Year!

While it's de rigueur to wish all and sundry a Happy New Year, may I suggest an upgrade? Why not have a happier one? Chances are, last year you were wished a Happy New Year -- and did so, because you were told to do so! Being obedient and obliging, you chose to make 2007 happy. Right?
    Here's a thought: instead of striving to meet last year's happiness quotient, target a new plateau. Go for happier. Seriously, any fool can grab ahold of regular, standard happiness and make it their goal for the year. Isn't that a bit banal? Seriously, out-of-the-box happiness is as inspiring as that fruit cake you received that you suspect was re-gifted.
    Demand more from 2008. Insist on a measurable increase in happiness (or any other positive metric you choose) as part of your New Year's Resolutions. Become highly resolved to raise your expectations for yourself and your pursuits. Push yourself out of your "happy" Comfort Zone and stretch out your arms towards a Happier New Year. You'll thank me next year.