Saturday, December 11, 2010

How to Go Viral: Content Is King, Hallelujah!

My dear friend Jackie Dawson passed along this video via Skype. It's a "Flash Mob", sort of. Actually, Chorus Niagara rehearsed this, on site, very early Saturday Morning, November 13, 2010.

Then, around noon, they let loose:

This actually brought tears to my eyes.

Merry Christmas.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

ED Spammers Just Love Me! Why?!

While I'm no spring chicken, I have no need of medical help to raise the flagpole over my desires. Yeah, I'm a guy who has sufficient hydraulic competency without outside help of any kind.
So why are spammers (predominantly Russian) sending me a daily spate of ads for medicine from Pfizer and others to "pump me up"? Did I make a mistake in actually mentioning my age when filling out profiles in places like Facebook and the like? It can't be because I asked for that kind of help online. I didn't and probably won't.
In fact, what I ask for online has nothing to do with my health. Money, marketing info, clients, etc., are what I seek. Still, I have to dedicate a portion of my time weeding out the ED spam from my email accounts. I won't go into which accounts -- that might aid and abet these scurrilous snarfs in their evil plot to mess with my junk!
It's the weeding out that annoys me. I have to check my spam folders for possible mistakes in classifying real requests for my services or communications from those needing a specialist (note that the bold, italicized text is also the name of a popular ED remedy).
Listen up, Russkies! I'm just fine without ya! I know it's bad and dumb to ask you directly to unsubscribe me via your websites. You'll just know, for sure, that your spam is getting through to another hapless, "rich" Amerikanskie. So, hopefully, this message will somehow reach the innards of your automated software and give it pause.
Nah, fuhgeddaboudit!