Thursday, September 18, 2008

Scranton SEO | From Search Engine Optimization in Scranton to Total Domination

In June of 2008, I had an idea about local Scranton business promotion that looked good. In fact, it looked so good I just had to show it to other Direct Response Internet Marketers. They flipped out! Dozens of them subscribed to a “live” case study of the process I was going through.
    The process itself is deceptively simple: seek out and dominate local search terms with cool backlinks that all point to a single focus. That focus is what I call a Front Door Page. Think of it as the place where a given business can promote the most profitable parts of their business or profession (or any underused capacity thereof).
    Naturally, since the prospective business isn't there yet, the focal page has to be a plain vanilla “placeholder” page, like this one for Scranton Golf Equipment. [Note Well: this is a blog post. By the time you look at that page, it may well have changed to a Front Door Page!]
    The real kicker of this whole approach is how easily one can dominate very profitable niches in Scranton local search, like Chiropractors, Cosmetic Dentists, Fences, Paving Contractors and Plumbers.
    Not every one of these particular niches has the #1 spot in Google every day for a given backlink, placeholder or Front Door Page. They simply dominate the first page of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP's). Practically all the other links on the page are classified listings of one sort or another. That means they have no content value.
    With a combination of blog posts, Web 2.0 references and high Page Rank classified ads (and the right keyword combinations), just about anybody who knows more about Internet Marketing than a rank beginner can do this, too! I call it Total Search Engine Domination: using local SEO to do local SEM (Search Engine Marketing) for “rich niche” businesses and professionals. Have a look at this Web page for more information: Money-Making Websites, LLC