Wednesday, April 11, 2007

PayPal Validation vs. Consensual Validation

I've got to admit that I'm happy when others say, "I see what you're doing and you're on the right track." Validation from those "in the know" and who've lived through the uncertainty of building something from scratch is pleasurable. However, the "Most Glorious Make Rich Encouraging" statement for me has been from PayPal regarding "Payment Details".
    Patience is a virtue only as long as it's necessary to exercise it. Once you get what you've been longing for, it's time to celebrate, briefly. Then, it's time to set the next goal point. From what I've seen and experienced, there's not much worse than a great start and then, nothing.
    Follow up is important. Follow through is vital. The momentum behind a success makes more success. Allowing friction and drag to wear away at that positive inertia turns it into static inertia.
    I still like the buzz from getting paid well... :)