Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Setting the Next Goal Point

The funny thing about success is the progressive nature of it. Once you reach certain goals, you have to think ahead to the next point on the way. What had been a dream or vision has now become a reality, and you must dare to reach higher or farther than before. In my own case, going from broke to solvent happened gradually, then it exploded into disposable income. Not millions, mind you, but next months bills are not an issue for worry.
    I had a visit from an old friend I knew from my high-school days. We toured the local sights and ate immodest amounts of food. While she was willing to pay for everything, I felt free to chip in liberally and not make a big deal about it. This was actually the first time in years I was able to fork over money for fun and not wonder if I was busting my budget or risking future meals for present pleasure.
    Best of all, September promises to be my best month yet. I have major marketers lined up to either review my products ('cause they got a freebie from me) or offer testimonials ('cause they bought them at retail). It's one thing to know you can produce quality. It's even better when the Big Dogs bark in your favor! I may throw them a bone and offer ghostwriting at a discount...
    My new goal points are to buy a new computer, made by the guy who saved me back in July when the old one was killed by lightning; get cable TV and Internet access; schedule a trip to Colorado and visit the Old Folks at Home; acquire my learner's permit for driving and refurbish my wardrobe. Modest goals, by some standards, but pure luxury for me, considering my previous plight.