Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Broomfield Concrete Contractors: Colorado Vacation Fun!

Check Broomfield Concrete Contractors in Google, and whaddya get? The same thing I'd probably get back in Scranton:
  1. Google Local Listings that all look very good -- and fade into the background
  2. Google AdWords spots that try to steal attention away from the pins in the Google map
  3. A bunch of classified ads in the SERP's.
Every organic search result is for somebody else's copy of a Yellow Pages listing for the keyword phrase.
    As an exercise for the class, guess what happens when this post about Broomfield concrete contractors gets indexed and shows up in the SERP's?
    The real value of this effect is for local search in Scranton. Never mind that there's no real competition in this niche -- yet. A local concrete contractor could really clean up if a Direct Response Internet Marketer were to promote his or her business online. That's because Yellow Pages have been surpassed by search engines, when it comes to services. That's right: more than 50% of folks Google for services, rather than haul out the YP book!
    If you're a concrete contractor in the Scranton area, you'd be well advised to check out and see if your competition has snapped up this Front Door Page!