Thursday, March 29, 2007

A Trend Worth Following and Heeding

What do you say to a bald guy with an occasionally extremely long nose and who drinks out of a purple milk carton? "Hi, Seth." Seth Godin is one of those who makes the world a better place by helping it to think, without being as abrasive about it as, say, I am.
    Good old conspicuous consumption is taking a bit of a hit, these days. Sure, you can get on line (or go online) to try and get Luvaglio's million dollar laptop (no, they don't have an affiliate program -- I asked, I did!), but more and more, it's getting tiresome to be seen as grasping. In this post he points out a trend that all marketers who target the rich should consider.
    Those who have much seem to be learning to spend it without leaving a trace, rather than flaunting it. Funny, how a bit of Old School thinking is finally re-emrging: don't make a spectacle of yourself. It fits right along side of Seth's philosophy of making yourself as conspicuous as a Purple Cow. When selling, flamboyant. When purchasing, plain brown recycled wrapper, please.