Monday, July 16, 2007

The Unbearable Lightness of Being a Self-Employed Ghostwriter

While I’ve always had an entrepreneurial bent, it’s only been in the last few months that I realized how liberating self-employment truly is. Not only do I do what I really want, with very few demands on my brain and time; I get paid well for it. The pressure of being someone else’s pet dog, performing on demand is gone. I choose with whom I work and set the terms according to my plan.
    This brings up another point: planning. Without a serious business plan, I was spinning my wheels. All my past endeavors were lacking this element. A sound, from-the-beginning plan makes all the effort focus on the bottom line, which is not necessarily making the most bucks. In my case, it’s getting the best information out there on the ‘Net via my customers.
    What I find most fulfilling, almost unbearably so, is that my life is my own. I can afford my frugal lifestyle without having to do for someone else’s dream or vision. I’m fulfilling my own vision and getting paid for it. Admittedly, I must keep working at finding enough work to sustain me, but the Warrior Forum is enough of a source for that. All in all, I am so free, it’s almost a dream.
    Finding my core competence, writing content for articles and reports, allows me to do my thing at my own pace. I can devote long hours to writing, or take days off without concern for my well being. It all comes together in a natural way. Even the recent death-by-lightning of my old computer was only a two day glitch. The orders for work continue to come in and my first venture into PLR content is successful enough that even though I was cut off from the Internet, I made some money!
    Ahh, life is sweet…