Saturday, June 21, 2008

Local Targeted Traffic for Scranton in the Search Engines

After a year and a half of slugging it out in the Search Engines for affiliate marketing and promoting my info-products, I realized something: dominating local search for targeted traffic is a breeze! In fact, some of the heavy-handed stuff we Direct Marketers do to cover all our bases can actually cover the whole first page of Google. It's like swatting a fly with a house!
    Naturally, there are very competitive niches that don't respond to a nudge or a tickle from a single, well-crafted keyword phrase on a landing page or a Social Networking site. Those broader niches need a bit more push, since they attract a lot of "browsers" who aren't looking to take local action. It's the motivated-to-act search terms that are so easy to get.
    For example, [ Scranton restaurants ] have a lot of good competition, but try going ethnic (see the post before this). Put up a blog post and you get on the first page in less than an hour! That beats Old School 1-hour photo developing and rush dry-cleaning!
    Even better, you can slide in a one-way backlink in your post for your intended target and give that domain a bit more authority. Going all out with classifieds on the "secret list" of Direct Marketing classified sites, Social Networking pages & bookmarking services, "geo location", additional blogs with posts, a press release and an article on and you've blown away all the Yellow Pages listings, business directories and local portals in one, fell swoop!
    I swear, I'm going to start giving workshops to the local professionals and show them how to use this stuff to drive motivated seekers of their services through their doors...

A Brazilian Restaurant in Scranton: Ipanema Grille, My Neighbor.

It's usually more than a short hop to a very good restaurant, no matter where you live. In this case, I walk half a block and I'm at Ipanema Grille. This is Scranton's best restaurant to enjoy a novel service: Rodizio. It's roasted meats on skewers that are presented and carved right at the table for you. It's all part of the traditional Brasilian Churrascaria (Steak House) experience.
    For the less adventurous, you can also get great American cuisine and a taste of Northern Italy, too! This is a family owned and run business that takes great pride in good service. The bar is fully stocked -- I recommend you try a Caipirinha or the Sangria. Desserts are sumptuous: try the cheesecake (Pudin de queijo) or Brazilian Chocolate Liquor Cake! I had an out-of-town guest with me when I first tried the place, and that cake was amazing!
    They're open Tuesday through Sunday for lunch and dinner. Call for reservations, especially on the weekends. Take a peek at their website for contact information, the menus, the pictures and full explanation of what Rodizio is all about: Ipanema Grille.

Sincerely, Vince Runza