Friday, October 9, 2009

Personalized Party Favors and Gifts | Engraved Favors and Gifts for Events

A special event like a wedding party, prom or holiday get-together is one way we celebrate our connection to those we love. Mementos, keepsakes and other things we save are another way to connect, emotionally, to these people. They remain in our hearts and minds through little trifles we keep that have a powerful emotional impact.
    You may be starving, but I bet you won't eat that piece of wedding cake you have tucked away in the freezer! In the same way, all the favors and gifts you saved to remember special moments in your life will be the last things you give up, even if their monetary value is small.
    Personalized party favors and gifts can be more than just sappy, sentimental items. A bridesmaid's gift like an engraved pink hip flask:
Pink Flask

can bring back memories that outshine a hunk of wedding cake – especially if that flask is delivered full! specializes in gifts and favors for special occasions that are personalized for you and those you give them to. Whether it's a wedding party, corporate event, holiday feast, or family reunion, the favors and gifts you get from will be an affordable way to give your guests a memento that they'll treasure.
    Best of all, personalization and engraving of these favors and gifts is free! If you have a special logo or design you want to use, there's a modest one-time setup fee.
    Go to: or call 1-866-FAVORS2 today and get started on creating those memories you'll remember for the rest of your life.