Sunday, August 19, 2012

Buy or Sell a Coin Laundry -- Where to Go Online!

Creating and sustaining a business is a chore, in and of itself. When it comes time to execute the exit strategy for that business, planning makes for a smooth transition.
    The same goes for expanding a business, by buying up other businesses in the same niche. While you might not want to buy out your competition (because it's fatally flawed, with no hope of fixing it), that's one way to go.
    Here's another: check out all the classifieds in your niche, with the hope that you'll find something of interest. The problem is, for most industries, the listings are few, far between and not always the best "buys" on the market. It's usually the smallest, cheapest retail businesses that are the best buy.
    That's because brokers and Real Estate agents have gotten their fingers into the pie. Plus, unless you're scouring Craigslist and other classified sites that offer free listings, all you'll find are those who can afford to pay for the privilege of advertising their business.
    Fortunately, in at least one niche, there's a new game in town. Laundromats, a/k/a coin laundries, have a venue where sellers can put up free, premium classified ads. Those ads appear before motivated buyers of laundromats. They're motivated because they pay a monthly fee for the privilege of seeing consolidated listings of laundromats, including the cheapest, smallest and most distressed sellers of this group.
    Go check out now, if you're buying, selling or just curious about coin laundry businesses for sale. You'll be glad you did!