Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snowy Weather = French Toast?!

So, yesterday, I'm at the supermarket for my regular Tuesday morning shopping trip. Imagine my surprise at the crush of people (most with a thousand-yard-stare) clogging the aisles and chatting on cell phones.

I did see the weather report which predicted snow for today -- 3-4 inches. However, east of us, folks will be inundated with up to 2 feet of snow. A change in the wind, and my area could get a lot more than is predicted.

However, this isn't Miami Beach. The Poconos (and the skiing they provide) are very close. Folks should be used to dealing with winter snow.

All righty, then: why was everyone stocking up on eggs, bread and milk? Is French Toast the best comfort food for when you're snowed in?! Or is it just that "panic shopping" doesn't lead to the best decision-making?