Friday, May 15, 2009

Ghostwriting, Content Creation and Write-for-Hire Work.

The current economic climate is like the proverbial "weather" -- everybody complains about it but nobody does anything to change it. Mind you, I'm not talking about governmental influence (and wads of cash and credit being flung at too-big-to-fail businesses). I'm addressing those of us who are doing business or looking for work.

My own work with promoting local businesses here in Scranton, PA has suffered from a nearly complete lack of faith on the part of business owners. They just don't think they're ready to grab a bigger market share with proven marketing techniques that "cost money".

Never mind that their ad spend isn't giving them proven (or even measurable) results, in most cases. They want to stick with what they know, rather than experiment with something that fear tells them is just confusing. "The confused mind says NO!"

I know from comments and feedback from my colleagues that many areas and locales are not burdened by this narrow view of things. In fact, some local and regional markets are eagerly implementing Direct Response Internet Marketing methods to increase their market share now, before the economy recovers.

Since that's true, I've returned to my roots, offering write-for-hire services. Rather than limit myself to working solely through the Warrior Forum for Internet Marketers, I've chosen oDesk as my platform for freelance work.

I'm actually looking forward to sharpening my skills in Social Media Marketing, SEO and SEM. Perhaps I'll stumble across a like-minded content buyer who actually needs my full array of local business promotion tools. Until that happens (or the economy warms up), I'll be doing what I do best -- creating written content that works hard in the search engines.