Saturday, March 24, 2007

Want Information on Marketing a Product?

I get a few folks dropping by from The Warrior Forum, wondering what I'm blogging about. Obviously, it's more than just Internet Marketing and peddling affiliate products. I've even got my LANDLORD checking in every once in a while, to see what I'm up to!
    Since this is my anchor blog, I'm keeping the number of posts much less frequent than my marketing blogs. I want this to be more personal, more thoughtful and more valuable to those who know me.
    Of course, I'm not above hawking my wares and affiliate links -- don't get me wrong, I've got a deep desire to make money, too! In fact, one of the newer marketing blogs is aimed at IM types with a desire to produce their own info-products. Create Niche Products That Sell gives you a view of the actual tools, techniques and resources you might need to create profitable niche products yourself. I say "might need" because plenty of Warriors can (and do) write the book on their area of expertise. Keep checking back at Create Niche Products That Sell, because I have an offering in the works that will definitely point the way to which niches are destined to be the hottest! It's being edited now, and will be reviewed by some of my more experienced IM friends.