Saturday, October 13, 2012

Shades of Summer Tanning Salon: My Favorite Source of Vitamin D in Scranton

     In Scranton, you need a tanning salon if you want a decent tan. There just isn't a high enough UV index here (compared to the tropics or a temperate location at a high altitude). I spent time this summer in Colorado, north of Denver and south of Boulder, and got a bitchin' tan!
    Upon my return, I figured I'd "go local" and find a place to lay out in the sun and maintain what I had gotten in a place where the UV index was typically 9 or better. No go! The highest UV index reported on a popular weather website was 6. That's just not good enough!

Scranton Tanning Salon, Shades of Summer
    Fortunately, I'm just steps away from a local business that has what I want -- plentiful UV. Shades of Summer, at 1836 North Main Avenue 570-341-1433, has been around for a few years, but until my recent, daily sunbathing ritual out of state, I never considered using them.
    John and Kristen run this place like the small business that it is -- in a friendly, informal fashion, with an eye to pleasing the customer. You can choose between regular 20 minute beds and intense, 15 minute beds with high-pressure quartz lamps for your face. Prices are competitive -- check out the packages for multiple tans. They also supply tanning aids for those who wish to enhance their experience.
     Give 'em a call, drop by and definitely like them on Facebook : I highly recommend this source of concentrated UV in North Scranton: Shades of Summer Tanning Salon.